Privacy Policy

This governs your visit /browse/post/advertise on Jakiva site and explains how we collect, safeguard and disclose information that results from your use of the service.

You directly upload your data/information that results from the aim of using the Website/App.

By using the service, you agree to the display of the few profile information about you on how you will easily be reached or contacted by the potential buyers. You agree to display the right information about you or company, business etc, or otherwise it may not be easy to reach you as the product/service seller /advertises.

Our terms and conditions govern all use of the website and together with the privacy constitute your agreement with us (“agreement”)


  1. Usage Data; This is the information generated by various users displayed on the wall.

  2. Data; Information that keeps accumulating on the website/app every time and then.

  3. Service; The jakiva website/app system you use.

  4. Data controller; One who legally alone or jointly manages and processes it to any step.
  5. Personal Data; The individual information that analyses the website/ app user.
  6. Data Processors; means or legal person who transforms the data to another step
  7. User; Is the person who agrees to visit or use the website /app.
  8. Cookies and data usageWe may use your personal data to contact you or send news letters to you address information. You can always opt out to this service of newsletters.
  9. Links to other sitesJakiva has/does not limit users to post link on their private ads. When you the visitor click on the link, you are automatically directed to another site off Jakiva wall. Therefore, you have to read through the new/ visited sites privacy policy there. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the site newly visited. Take note please. The minors in most cases may not properly understand the main use of the system. We strongly advise if there’s any minor intending to use the site He /she should be guided by any elderly person who has properly explained the minor what the site/app is about or what it does. He/she should personally be able to first understand what it does, and more so, read our terms and conditions before use.
  10. Timely updates/changesJakiva site administration may timely update; delete, change any original information that belongs to it besides the user’s/advertiser’s ads When subscribed, you will receive alerts with links to jobs on the Jakiva site. In order to apply for these jobs, you will need to register on the website. From time to time, Jakiva can change, update or remove any information displayed.
  11. Sensitivity; We know that it is so sensitive linking job seekers. We strongly encourage users to carefully apply for jobs and do a proper search, analysis of the job advertiser.
  12. Under terms and conditionsNo guarantees as to the service. Jakiva provides no warranty to you that the services generally available through its site will be uninterrupted or any mistake.
  13. We cannot guarantee that all files, all the information is pure and 100% correct. You are responsible for implementing sufficient procedures and check-points to satisfy your particular requirements for accuracy of data input and output, and for maintaining a means external to the site for the reconstruction of any lost information
  14. Employer conditionsYou agree to provide only the valid information on the site of Jakiva You clearly state with links/contacts on how the job seeker should reach you safely.


We strongly advise that, for any job advertised on the site, you carefully do a proper follow up of the job advertiser. We have no full control of job publishers globally.

We shall not be held accountable for any job advertised and is misleading; however, we shall entertain complaints of that particular account or automatically be suspended from the site.


What is Jakiva?

A special platform (website and app) designed as a multi-million user ads system, news updates in Uganda and rest of the world, and job post-job search site.Premium ads

These are special adverts that a member may pay for either monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. these ads are allowed to always run most and send emails and notifications to app users and website.

Normal ad

Any user who posts on advert and does not pay for his/her adverts qualifies to be a normal ad.

How to subscribe for premium ads? A member who wishes to subscribe will click on premium button, select the payment option either silver or gold and then issue payment.

His/her account will automatically be upgraded and an email will automatically be sent.

How to know premium membership has expired. Automatically your account will be sent back to normal ads accounts and seize to be a premium account unless there’s renewal. Also a mail will be sent automatically

What types of jobs are available? Any type of job may be available as long as an individual, company, factory etc has posted it.

Do you charge connection fee?

Jakiva wall does not in any way charge job seekers or posters free of charge.

How do I access your newsplatform.

You can click on the news link to the website or app. Again you can directly visit the app/website and click on the trending news button.

Contact admin

In case one needs to contact the administration/ management, you can click on the email provided, telegram links or support.

Lost account/problem in logging in.

In case you have problems logging in, please email us

@__________________________ or telegram us via_______________________

Problems with payment

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have problems with payments. We can advise you or help you making your payments a success and sale more.

How far does Jakiva wall reach? Jakiva wall is was designed for country men and women in Uganda and other selected countries in the world. Any user and visitor can access Jakiva app or website.

How successful can my ad be? Jakiva endeavors 99% visual live transmission of the website and app by the help of international standards. This keeps it social public, and easily seen and accessed in Uganda and rest of the

world, therefore, your ads have a chance of being seen/ accessed in any part of the world /country etc.

What type of ads are allowed. Any legal accepted advert for a business, company, individual, factory, industry, firm, farm etc is allowed. Ads that are misleading say illegal gambling will be detected and deleted.

How many ads are allowed? We do not limit anyone to send, post ads. You can list as many as possible.

Contact us

Email us on


Special ads:

We very much encourage you take advantage of the special premium ads you can select gold or silver. This will globally help pushing your ads far and beyond


We have created room for different companies, businesses, traders,and other individuals to request for this package privately.

Your ads will be plugged in on most visible sensitive parts like news room, app website face etc.

This automatically attracts a large volume of traffic added this is a multi-million market place.

“Income made easier”